Industrial Management Consulting
With over a 30 years of experience, helping businesses to grow. 

Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

Unlike other Consulting Companies, 

we have the skills that help Companies scale their business.

We implement highly impactful solutions to boost the performance of operations and achieve superior results.

The in-depth expertise and broad experience of our teams allow us to challenge conventional thinking and develop practical solutions to accelerate operational improvements with high returns.

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Crisis Management

Our Solution

For companies needing fast change, we provide assistance in crisis management. Since quick and decisive action is necessary, an analysis is carried out in a short period of time and decisions are implemented within a few months. Only persons with experience and a wide knowledge of the methods for exiting a crisis can resolve a seemingly hopeless situation. 

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry 

30 years experience

Consulting team collectively provide a wealth of experience, both through their exposure to cutting edge trends and current thinking from attendance at conferences, scanning the literature and client interactions as well as their own personal industry experience, enabling them to provide an unique and objective perspective on each process or issue for a diverse range of problems.

Key Activities

We offer world class services :

  • Preparing business plans
  • Developing a feasibility study or an investment study
  • Crisis management
  • ERP services
  • Cost management
  • Engineering Project Management
  • Purchase service optimization
  • Personnel reestruturation
  • Lean Production Methodology
  • Sale of the company
  • Acquisition of Companies
  • Quality Assurance services
  • Quality Control organization
  • Engineering and Maintenance optimization
  • and others

Small size Companies

World Class Consulting

We have a wide range of experience and know best practices inside and out. As a result, we are able to assess companies' strengths and weaknesses within the context of their respective specialised demands . We provide Multinational services to micro and small size Companies